United States Fitness Corps

Busy Body Fitness Center presents Billy’s United States Fitness Corps (USFC) Boot Camp!

Featuring the Boca Raton area’s most popular Boot Camp Fitness Program.

Our Military Style Boot Camp Fitness Program is structured to accommodate adults of all ages and fitness levels. The BEST “Cross Fitness” Program of its kind.

USFC Boot Camp “Reserve“ program held at Busy Body Fitness Center will challenge you both physically and mentally, rain or shine.

Come Learn why the United States Fitness Corps Boot Camp Fitness Program has been called the most exciting, effective and successful physical training program in America today.

Sgt. Major William “Billy Hodge and his elite team of fitness professionals are ready to help you reach your fitness goals through intense, military style training.

We invite you to navigate through our website, register for a free trial class and visit us soon!